Organizing your move
1. We recommend that you supply us with a list of your belongings, in order for us to better carry out the removal.
2. Advise us in advance of breakable or fragile items (such as mirrors, art pieces, glasses, etc.) – they require special handling and attention.
3. Choose the most suitable route for our vehicles, preferably one with wider streets and better pavement.
4. Reserve a parking spot as close as possible to the address where the removal will take place.
5. Make sure the elevator works.

Dismantling and packing tips
1. Do not fill the boxes and sacks in such a way, which makes them too heavy – that adds to the difficulty of moving them, and it poses a threat to the security of your items.
2. Use heavy-duty reinforced sacks.
3. Label all boxes – their content and the rooms they need to be placed in.
4. Empty all drawers and cabinets.
5. Dismantle shelves and glass-cases. Tape the drawers and cabinet doors.

Select a removal company
1. Beware of “phantom” removal companies – want-to-be “students” in their fifties, scruffy looking blokes that show up at your doorstep offering bottom-low price and ultimately delivering bottom - low quality of service. What you end up paying for is broken or damaged belongings, possessions not being unloaded and placed indoors, but rather left on the street in the elements of nature, no invoice for your money or a fake one issued.

2. Under no circumstance should you accept an offer that doesn’t clearly state the price and time for the service, one containing numerous conditions or dubious terms, or an offer where issuing an invoice increases the price of the service by 10% - a sure fraud indicator! All companies are obligated to issue an invoice for the payment received, at no additional cost!

3. Do not trust people, who claim to be the one and only in any field – that is never the case! Carefully consider the various possibilities and decide on whether to pay a top price or a standard one for the Bulgarian market, for a job of equal quality – make up your own mind and don’t let others decide for you.

4. Use common sense when dealing with people declaring they have no competition or asserting you of everyone else’s incapability – they are trying to gain customers by discrediting their competitors. And mentality far from the European! There are at least ten removal companies operating professionally in Sofia and offering a high quality service. Advertisements in newspapers like “24 Hours”, “Trud” and “Capital” aren’t phony – they are placed by real companies.

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