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Transportation in Bulgaria, EU and Switzerland
NIKEA BG provides Transportation with and without loading and unloading, in Europe and in Switzerland, in unlimited volumes - express shipments of up to 1000 kg. as well as overall transport for industrial purposes, personal belongings and office equipment and furnishing.

“Nikea BG” operates with own Transportation: Mercedes 410D truck (4.2 tons, 16 m3), Mercedes 310D Truck (3.5 tons, falling loading ramp), ideal for urban areas.

Method of payment - upon completion of the service, the amount negotiated by the customer and “Nikea BG” is paid in cash or via bank transfer, and an invoice is issued (VAT inclusive).

Movers hire (Home relocation)
Pricing of labor is negotiable, depending on the volume and nature of the job required, but based on 10 – 12 levs/ man /hr.
Movers hire is the most sought after service when it comes to Home relocation.

Method of payment - upon completion of the service, the amount negotiated by the customer and “Nikea BG” is paid in cash or via bank transfer, and an invoice is issued (VAT inclusive).

Office relocation
Due to the complex nature of the task, a preliminary quote can be given after a free survey of the premises.
What is specific about removal of an office is the presence of expensive equipment, heavy or bulky objects (safes, fireproof cabinets, etc.) and the amount of work to be completed. Following a free survey, a “Nikea BG” consultant determines the optimum number of movers and negotiates price and time frame for the removal.

Method of payment - upon completion of the service, the amount negotiated by the customer and “Nikea BG” is paid in cash or via bank transfer, and an invoice is issued (VAT inclusive).

International relocation
Since 2005 until now we have been constantly accumulating experience in international relocation. We provide movers and transportation service within in the EU, Switzerland, Turkey and the Middle East. Our accuracy and excellent prices made possible the establishment of long-lasting partnerships within Europe and Turkey, thanks to which we are able to provide fast, low-cost and high-quality local and international domestic and commercial relocation.

Our experience and the need to communicate and interact with our German partners and to expand and improve our service made us register a branch in Cologne, Germany, from where coordinate and organize transport and relocations to and from Western Europe. Passenger transportation as well as relocations from, to and within Switzerland are managed through our branch registered in the Canton of Zurich in Switzerland. In all cases use their own resources and continuous control of goods and cargo.

For ALL our services we RECOMMEND you to request from us an inspection which will be made free of charge.

Relocation from / to Switzerland
NIKEA BG specializes in all kinds of relocations from and to Switzerland.

Our services include:
- Office relocation from / to Switzerland;
- Home relocation from / to Switzerland;
- General transport from / to Switzerland.

In the highly competitive transportation market, only the one who are able to react quickly by offering simple and reliable solutions to their clients survive. Business-oriented mindset and a similar approach to action are the key factors to providing the best solutions. In addition, excusive flexibility and mobility are needed to ensure the best possible quality of service to the client.

Your requirements are the focus of our attention at NIKEA BG. We work for you in order to free-up your time for more important and enjoyable activities, carefree of your relocation. Learn more about our services in Switzerland.

Each move from / to Switzerland always requires precise planning in order to ensure smooth implementation and successful completion. As our client you are always in the center of our attention. Contact us - we would be glad to discuss your relocation together.

Are you planning a move? Contact us for assistance! Anything that is associated with relocation usually does not fall within the scope of your preferred activities. Therefore, we are glad to welcome you at NIKEA BG - your reliable moving partner who will approach the task with due care, ease and professionalism. This way we have managed to achieve dozens of satisfied clients who have trusted our services for more than 15 years.
1. Private relocation;
2. Corporate relocation;
3. Relocation of heavy machinery and specific equipment.

NIKEA BG is on your side to answer your questions and to provide you with the necessary advice, solutions and smart logistics. Packaging, transportation, unpacking, insurance, storage, customs – you can trust us for everything that we have been successful in over the years, not only nationwide but also internationally, no matter where you are and which your next destination is. We plan your relocation based on our long-year experience so that our kind employees can move your belongings from point A to point B, always on time and in a way that does not engage yourself, your family or colleagues. We want you to fell care free and enjoy your relocation! Contact NIKEA BG and browse our website at WWW.NIKEA.BG.

We are pleased to find positive feedback from our customers in various rating portals for the transport sector in the Internet. Obviously, we do things the right way as our customers are satisfied with our services. If you are looking for a company to trust for your relocation, we encourage you to check the reviews in advance.

No matter if you are single, have family or are business owner or manager, you will appreciate our service. You can contact us for both private and corporate relocation, regardless of the size of your household or business. We are specialists in every detail, and our clients appreciate it when their satisfied employees return to their new workplace as quickly as possible or their family arrives in their new home. Our wide range of services includes the following groups of activities:

We personally check the volume of the items to be moved – personal belongings, furnishings, equipment, in order to determine the exact amount of costs. We do our planning of the relocation process with maximum accuracy.

We provide overall service and maximum customer comfort. We offer disassembly and assembly of furniture, incl. of kitchen furniture and equipment, packaging with special protective materials, storage in warehouse (when needed), loading and unloading, transportation of large-size musical instruments.

We offer Relocation from / to Switzerland (Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lucerne, Geneva and any other location) as well as anywhere in the EU.

Let's do the planning together! Call us and make an appointment. We will immediately prepare a non-binding offer for you.

Call us at:
+41 767 65 25 48 - for Switzerland
+359 888 994 550 - for Bulgaria
+359 896 660 750 - for Bulgaria

or send you email at

Unconventional services
Price is determined following a free survey. For items weighing 200 – 2000 kg. price is negotiated.

Moving of heavy and/or bulky objects, including but not limited to:
- Heavy musical instruments: pianos, grand pianos, organs;
- Medical equipment: X-ray, CT scan, MRI;
- Office equipment: copying /scanning machines;
- Machinery: lathes, units, presses, cutters;
- Household objects: fireplaces, solid furniture;
- Art: sculptures, installations;
- Strong boxes (safes), fireproof cabinets;
- Negotiating a large number of stairs, long distances or other obstacles;
- Completing substantial work tasks;

Method of payment - upon completion of the service, the amount negotiated by the customer and “Nikea BG” is paid in cash or via bank transfer, and an invoice is issued (VAT inclusive).

Packing, dismantling and reassembling
We offer those services in addition to “Home relocation” and “Office relocation. They include:
1. Dismantling the furniture that can not be transported in one piece (or if requested by you).
2. Packing. MANDATORY wrapping of all furniture, using stretch film, bubble wrap or pasteboard.
3. Unpacking and reassembling.

If you prefer and have the time to do all of that yourself, check out our tips and advice on packing and dismantling.

We supply all kinds of packing materials – stretch film, bubble wrap, carton boxes (all sizes), sealing tape, pasteboard, heavy duty nylon sacks, cord, wrapping paper. We offer carton boxes FREE OF CHARGE.

Crew hire for loading and unloading
Loading and unloading of trucks, containers, freight cars. Also – arranging, packing, sorting and counting of goods.

Providing storage for your belongings – unlimited size for unlimited time.

“Nikea BG” offers the convenience of storing personal items, furniture, goods, etc. Our storage facilities are located just 15 minutes from Sofia city center. Security of the premises is provided by SOT, and the facilities are up to our clients’ high standards. We can house your belongings – unlimited size for unlimited time at a truly competitive cost.

Courier services – delivery of furniture (optional assembling), technical equipment or heavy postal parcels.
“Nikea BG” delivers furniture, household equipment, etc. on the day of purchase. Moreover, we can do better than just “go and fetch” – you can have our skillful specialists and carpenters assist you with assembly or arrangement of your new furniture.

Our courier service is quite useful for stores that encounter difficulties in providing Transportation and/or professional staff for the delivery of purchased goods to their clients. It is not a custom for courier companies to deliver heavy items.

Relocation algorithm
1. Conducting a free survey of the property by a “Nikea BG” consultant. When relocating an office, a survey is strongly advisable.
2. Should you choose to, we offer the option to enter into an agreement, which clearly stipulates everyone’s rights and obligations. You can also opt to insure your belongings.
3. Setting aside all essential items (such as medicine/food/documents/valuables, etc.). Those you pack separately and keep at your side.
4. Dismantling and packing of your belongings – you could choose to do that yourself or make arrangements in advance to have it done by us (tips and advice on dismantling and packing).
5. Choosing the most suitable route for our vehicles, preferably one with wider streets and better pavement.
6. Reserving a parking spot as close as possible to the address where the removal will take place.
7. Making sure the elevator works.
8. Loading.
9. Securing the load into the vehicle.
10. Unloading.
11. Unpacking, reassembling and arranging of items.
12. Remaining calm and keeping it together the entire time – the most important thing and the hardest to achieve.

If you don’t have the time or if it’s not possible for you to do it all yourself, leave it to us – we do this every day!

Relocation of machines and equipment
Nikea BG LTD provided removal services of machines from 2 000 to 20 000 kg.

Additional services
- General work;
- Tearing down, cleaning-up and disposal;
- Clearing of basements, attics and building sites;
- Disposal of non-hazardous waste and debris;
- Cutting and clearing of branches and shrubs;
- Earthwork in hard to negotiate terrain.

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