Frequently asked questions

Question: Can I get a quote over the phone?
Answer: Yes, if you can provide detailed and accurate information, the price can be negotiated over the phone. For unconventional services and Office relocation we can give a rough estimate. In those cases a free survey is recommended..

Question: How much would it cost to move the content of a one-room flat from “Lulin” to “Mladost” complex?
Answer: АIf the lot consists of: bed, sofa, wardrobe cabinet, cooker, washing machine, refrigerator and 3-4 boxes, 3 movers should be able to complete the task in 2.5 hrs., therefore the estimated cost is: 8 * 2.5 * 3 + 25 * 2.5 = 125 levs.

Question: Are my belongings insured?
Answer: Yes, we offer optional insurance.

Question: Can you issue an invoice?
Answer: Yes, we can.

Question: Sometimes 2 movers for an hour worth of work charge as much as 4 movers for 3 hours. Why is that?
Answer: The reason for this is the nature of the service –unconventional jobs are charged at hire cost.

Question: Is your vehicle hydroisolated?
Answer: Yes.

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